Welcome to my Muzzy World! "Muzzy? Muzzy? What's a muzzy? I hear you say..." Well, its a Southern British expression for Amusement. Sheesh! Get With it!

I Hope you like my new-look to the site - bright and cheerful and friendly characters :) What's on offer? Well... Check my list below and above all enjoy!

The Arcade R-Type Repository

Hopefully the most complete and authoritative R-type zone in the net!

Last Update: 

13:45GMT 17-Aug-99

My Arcade Collection

My Collection made known to the world!

Last Update: 

13:23GMT 08-Jan-01

The Gorf Restoration Project 

The quest for Gorfian perfection

Last Update: 

10:00GMT 20-Apr-00

The UK Robotron Restoration 

The artwork that is!

Last Update: 

13:58GMT 22-Jun-00

Items For Sales or Trade 

for all your Trading needs

Last Update: 

10:35GMT 02-Mar-01

Items Wanted 

Stop me Pining for these items NOW! Get onto it

Last Update: 

10:35GMT 02-Mar-01

The Joust Side-art Project

Last Update: 

10:44GMT 10-Aug-99

UKVAC Definitive Links Page

This hopefully will grow into every know UK Link - tell me of some I've missed


I can be found haunting #rgvac on IRC EFnet Servers under the nick Rav

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