Restoration Project


Even though my Gorf Cabinet is in pretty good shape, I've taken it upon myself to help fellow Gorfians restore their cabs to their former glory! All I really need for my cabinet is a control panel and mine's complete - but I intend to do more than just that. So far there are three targetted items to be reproduced - the Side-art, the Monitor Glass and the Metal Control Panel itself.

This page is setup as  to entice fellow gorfians to contribute funds, time and effort, resources such as scans, suggestions for repro-houses, distribution efforts etc.

At this time I am merely looking for encouragement and commitment to the projects - if so, email and pledge allegiance!



Project 1: Control Panel Reproduction

At this point in time I am Interested Only in producing a replacement metal plate for the CP, complete with the original artwork. Having said that, a chap has just reproed plastic Inferno/Blaster joysticks at $75 for two, so maybe theres scope to expand to the joystick - especially the back plastic red dot artwork that so many are missing.

I can get the control panels made out of Aluminium pressed sheet for extremely little cost at work and this will me the minimal amount of work needed. The artwork will need to be silk-screened on and I will be investigating this once I have sourced a decent scan of the artwork.

My control panel is too rubbed and nasty at the moment, although I am expecting a second replacement coming in surface in the next couple of weeks. havign said that, this project could be catapulted into action if someone else has scans they can send me: I will get them vectorised and we're in business! 


Latest News [20-Apr-00]: A chap called Marcel Ginzalez has contacted me and said ...

"Hello. I have restored original silk-screened artwork on pinball games with custom dry-transfer decals. It is easy and not as expensive. If and when you get a nice looking scanned picture of the control panel art, I can expedite this for you (if you want).
The decals (which are very thin) are transferred onto the CP, then burnished. Additionally, a clear, water-based polyurethane (non-yellowing) coating is sprayed over the control panel. After a few days, the joystick and buttons are mounted. The artwork should last forever."

I will now scan my exisiting panel this Easter weekend and start touching it up (there are missing areas unfortunately but I'll do what I can). I will also start investigating the panel production next week.


Project 2: Side-Art Reproduction

This project all started when Gorfman listed NOS Side-art on ebay ( which sparked the possibly of producing these. I think the auction will go too high, but fortunately a great chap called Gaymond Lee has offerred to sell me a set outside of eBay if it is for a restoration project - again this project is off the ground. I have also received about a dozen interests already and hopefully more once this page and progress is made!

The artwork will be shipped hopefully in the next couple of weeks to me, where I will get it professionally drum-scanned and burnt to CD as an archive. 

I will then contact vinyl sign-makers and get cracking with artwork and originals if necessary. I have yet to agree with Gaymond a settlement price on the sideart - perhaps even a loan or something can be arranged...

Latest News [20-Apr-00]: Success! Gaymond and I have agreed a price for the side-art and it will be making it's way to me. I should have it within a month I expect.

Project 3: Monitor Glass Reproduction

I purchased a extremely nice and complete glass monitor bezel a couple of weeks ago and I will be scanning this in and again vectorising it as it is relatively simple.

At this point in time I am uncertain whetehr to go for silk-screens or to investigate car-sticker-like vinyl copies that Gorfians can purchase and stick onto any old piece of galss - if the interest is high enough to meet the production costs then glass silkscreened is concievable.

Latest News [20-Apr-00]: Scanning of the glas will be done over easter and will then be vectorised hopefully next week.
Project 4?....

OK, so thats the first projects I want to do - theres got to be more... I'm sure theres a market for someone to produce sound, rgb and bulb replacement pcbs as they are always hard to find and generally expensive. RAM cards using modern chips has been discussed and a friend is investigating this already!

Marquee... Back glass... Under Control Panel... Heck! I can eve investigate new midway coindoors (punching those out of metal is easy and getting the foil stickers made cant be hard too!). Name it, we could do it... if people are willing to help.... contact me

I NEED YOUR SUPPORT! email me, Rav., at - if you can help with production, scanning, vectorising, etc. I need to hear from you right now!