Intruder alert! Intruder Alert!

Look at this baby! This machine isn't mine (oh no!) just here for restoration and storage. The restorations quite easy on this as the side art is impeccable and only need one piece of graffiti.

The control panel you see here is actually only partly done - It came with a nasty generic overlay over the original, which also had been drilled to hell for JAMMA purposes. I'm especially happy to have found not 1, but 2 Stern joysticks, originals too. Another bizarre thing - the button holes on this control panel are different sizes for the fire and start buttons - I cant fit my Red transparent fire buttons in the holes =(

Internally the monitor looks iffy but not yet checked, the boards where missing - but they've been lovingly sourced and wired up.

I hope to have this machine up and running this week or next as its a crime not to finish off the internal wiring and check the monitor.